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About Me

About Me

Hello! My name is Tatiana Bomar. 

Based in Chicago,IL I can't help but to spread my wings to explore other cities, states, and countries. I'm a dreamer with a spontaneous vision. I strive for each shot to express the true raw vision of beauty that surrounds us all.  Whether it's capturing high-end fashion, a family photo, weddings, or nature. My passion is always calling my name.  I want every person who views my passion to see what I see. The love, light, and different elavations that is amoungst us.

I come from a long line of photographers in which taught me to appreciate every moment that surfaces my being. My passion courses deeper than anything I can express in words, and advancing to bigger and better accomplishments. Only a photograph can truly express some of few things I'm trying to reveal. It's my honor to share my journey with you. Here's a little taste inside my world.